• Play memory with pictures based on the latests Twitter trends! (only in social mode)
  • Improved and more structured highscore concept when playing with Twitter!
  • Overview of the themes you played
  • Browse through the themes others played and try to do better
  • "I'm feeling lucky": try a theme at random! Google-style ;)
  • Play popular themes! (only in social mode)
  • Performance and layout fixes
BlackOut is a memory game designed and developed in Adobe AIR 3.0 for the BlackBerry PlayBook, Apple iPad and all kinds of Android tablets. What makes BlackOut different then a classic memory game? The game downloads randomly the pictures of your choice. Login with your Twitter account to play social! You can browse through the themes of others, try to get better ranked for each theme, and tweet about your memory skills! If you're not on Twitter, no problem! BlackOut has also a single player mode! Enjoy! @wimvanbuynder © Elements Multimedia
BlackOut got a special recognition on the Adobe Mobile Challenge 2011!

"It's a classic, but with the user as a source for the choice of publicly available pictures it's good fun - like the Twitter Integration!"

Andre Jay Meissner - Business Development Manager Web Technologies at Adobe Systems

"Classic memory game, but with a twist. You get to choose the theme you want to play and then promote your score on Twitter."

Magda Neagu - Senior Marketing Manager at Adobe Systems

"I like the fact that it takes random pictures on the web."

Michaël Chaize - Adobe Flash Platform Evangelist

September 6, 2011
"What sets it apart from other memory games is that you can connect to Twitter and share your highscores as well as play with others. BlackOut is a fun take on the memory game genre." August 22, 2011
"On the surface it may just be a simple memory game but it has a way of getting the old brain juices flowing. It's certainly not one to miss if you're in the mood for hours of mind boggling fun

It may not be the most sophisticated, complicated, and graphics heavy game out there for the PlayBook but I'm hooked. If you're looking for a great way to pass the time, interact with people on all platforms, and keep your mind occupied all at the same time then this is the game for you." August 21, 2011
"BlackOut te ofrece tres niveles de dificultad y algo que lo hace mucho más original es la posibilidad de jugar eligiendo un tema para las tarjetas." August 20, 2011
"BlackOut is fun because of the simplicity of a memory game, engaging because you pick the topic of your images and social because you can challenge other players via Twitter." August 16, 2011
"Our readers are always on the prowl for fun and addictive PlayBook games. The latest to pass through our tips line is BlackOut." August 9th, 2011
"BlackOut is a very cool concept and fun to play." August 2, 2011
"BlackOut is a fun social memory game for the PlayBook that will put your memory skills to the test." July 19th 2011
"Just a few minutes into this simple game developed in Adobe AIR 2.7 and I was hooked! My suggestion is for all you PlayBook owners to rush over to App World, and snatch up a copy" July 6th, 2011